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The 2000s


In 2009, Whirlwind D began recording and performing again. 


Before releasing two EPs ('WD40' & 'Bristol Built') on the Tru-Tone label, a remix of 'Battle Tipped Rhyme' appeared on the Naked Ape compilation 'Underground United'. 


In 2013, he signed to B Line Recordings and so far has released two critically acclaimed albums as well as a string of singles and EPs. 


During this time he has worked with artists including Phill Most Chill, Oxygen, Sir Beans OBE, Chrome & Illinspired, Specifik, Mr Fantastic and Mr Thing to name a few.


On the live circuit, D has played all over the UK and beyond including jams in Germany, France and the Channel Islands and support slots have included Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Main Source and The Wu-Tang Clan.

His music has received regular play on mainstream stations such as BBC Radio 6.

Magazines & Books


At the turn of the millenium, Whirlwind D began to make his mark in the written format. In the past, he has had regular columns in Undercover Magazine and Ethics and he continues to write for Record Collector Magazine to this day. As well as reviews and smaller features, he is responsible for the Hip Hop Collector's Guide in Record Collector Magazine.


In addition, Whirlwind D wrote the introduction to Freddy Fresh Rap Records (2nd Edition) and he wrote DWG Poster Number 3. Finally, he contributes to The Rare Record Price Guide.





When legendary pirate station Kane FM secured a legal license, Whirlwind D joined the team.


He hosted 'The Pioneers Hip Hop Show' for around 6 years alongside Miracle (Boot Records). 


In 2018, Whirlwind D left Kane FM and currently presents The Pioneers Hip Hop Show as a section of Cold Krush Radio. 


Whirlwind D's old radio shows for Kane FM can be found on mixcloud.

Link to Kane FM

Link to Record Collector Magazine

Link to past shows

Late 80s/Early 90s


Whirlwind D was the MC in Solid n Mind, alongside Johnny F,  signed to Liberty Grooves. They recorded three 12" singles in the early 90s.


During this time Whirlwind D performed alongside artists such as MC Mell O, Big Ted, The Prime Rhyme Masters and The Lords Of Rap at gigs such as Flavour Of The Month and in the shop itself. He was also a key part of the Liberty Grooves team in the early days of the label.


Prior to releasing his first single on Liberty Grooves, Whirlwind D had worked with a fledgling Kold Sweat as well as Lap One Productions in the late 80s.


In the early 90s Whirlwind D relocated to the South Coast. During this time, he performed regularly at venues such as The Brook in Southampton. He MCed for a number of sound systems including The Funk Fuzz DJs and The Firin' Squad.

Link to B Line Recordings

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