M.D.M. Digital single on sale! Click on the pic!

April 2020

The new Whirlwind D single is now on sale digitally from all digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and on the picture to take you straight to Spotify...

M.D.M. new Whirlwind D single!!

April 2020

The brand new Whirlwind D 7" single dropped this week. It features Djar One and Specifik and sold out in 3 days!!! However there are still a handful of copies left at Suspect on the picture to buy the vinyl...

New WD Video!!!!

March 2020

Check out the brand new Whirlwind D video for the single M.D.M. which just dropped on AE Productions. It features Djar One on production and Specifik on the cut. Big thx to Tempo Media for putting this beauty together from footage on our phones due to the Covid crisis! Click on the pic to take you straight to the video!

Provincial Headz.....blurb by Whirlwind D

Febuary 2020

Hot off the press is the brilliant new book by Project Cee taking a look at the development of provincial hip hop scenes in the UK. As well as featuring some W whirlwind D quotes, WD wrote the blurb for the book...essential purchase!

History Of Boston Hip Hop in RC this month

January 2020

Out this week in the latest Record Collector Magazine, is our focus on the history of hip hop in Boston circa 1982-mid 90s......

7 Series Phonograph feature!!

December 2019

Here's a little cookie we forgot to post about in the summer. Specifik's banging lil 7" features cameos by Carpetface and Whirlwind D.....Dope!!!

Whirlwind D feature on the Truck LP!!

November 2019

AE Productions finally drops Truck's debut LP featuring a host of artists including Phil Most Chill, Sir Beans OBE & Paten Locke as well as Whirlwind D on the track 'Solace'. 

Rope A Dope 5

October 2019

Rope A Dope returns with a bang! Whirlwind D & Specifik will be rocking the mic alongside a host of talent including label mats Chrome & Illinspired as well as Kelz and Mical's goin' off!

More BBC Radio 6 airplay!

September 2019

Our current 7" single just got playlisted by BBC Radio 6 on the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show. A huge thank you to the BBC for all their recent support!


September 2019

This weekend Whirlwind D & Specifik travel to Le Havre where they will be rocking the mic alongside D'Jar One at MC DAIDs - it's gonna be raw for sure!!!

Whirlwind D featuring on the new Haynsey LP!!!

August 2019

The brand new Haynsey LP is here! Legendary DJ for Dashy D & Cue Tips comes correct with his new LP featuring Whirlwind D as well as  host of dope MCs from Blade to Scorzayzee...

Whirlwind D & Specifik headlining!!

August 2019

In two weeks time, Whirlwind D & Specifik return to the Lindesfarne Festival, this year headlining on the Saturday night! Don't forget to catch Truemendous who is always dope, headlining on the Friday!

King of the 45s

July 2019

This Saturday, you can catch Whirlwind D spinning the 45s at the Buffalo in Boogie Down B Town. See you there!!

New Whirlwind D video....

July 2019

Check out the brand new video for 'Doin' It' - a huge thank you to everyone who has supported so far! 

Brand new Whirlwind D single!!

June 2019

Whirlwind D has a brand new 7" single out on B-Line Recordings. Featuring Djar One & Specifik on production and cuts, Dee has crafted another funky banger following in the foot steps of last years smash hit 'Labels'. The vinyl is now sold out however you can catch it on all digital platforms. Click the picture to take you straight to Spotify...

Rodney P article in Record Collector Magazine

June 2019

Check out the brand new Record Collector Magazine for an in-depth look at the history of UK rap's Godfather, Rodney P, by the man like Whirlwind D. 

Whirlwind D in DIG magazine

May 2019

Check out the new issue of DIG Magazine where Whirlwind D breaks down the story of how he discovered Blade's unknown first single...

Nomansland LP in the top 100 UK Hip Hop LPs of all time

April 2019

We were thrilled to find that our first album, Nomansland from 2014, was voted not the top 100 UK rap albums of all time published in B Boy Document Magazine! Huge thank you!

Norwich Arts Centre Jam!!!

March 2019

This weekend Whirlwind D & Specifik travel to Norwich to catch wreck alongside Chrome and his live band as well as Suspekt. 

DIFF JAM Special!

March 2019

This Friday you can catch Whirlwind D & Specifik alongside Junior Disprol rocking the mic for the King Dem tour after party in Cardiff!

Miami Bass History in Record Collector Magazine!

February 2019

Check out the latest Record Collector Magazine where Whirlwind D breaks down the history of Miami Bass hip hop!

Whirlwind D on the new Specifik LP!

January 2019

The TPs for the forthcoming Specifik album are at B-Line HQ and sounding dope! You can catch Whirlwind D on the dope track: 'Keep On Step-in'......soon come....

No Half Steppin Xmas Jam

December 2018

Catch Whirlwind D alongside B-Line peeps Mr Tibbz and Chrome at this year's Christmas Jam in Norwich. Also on the night, Def J and Choco Doobs will be doing their thing!

Whirlwind D on BBC Radio 6

December 2018

'Labels', Whirlwind D's track with Djar One and Specifik has been flying and has now been playlisted on Radio 6. Craig Charles and his super fresh Funk & Soul Show have been playing the track!

Brand new Whirlwind D EP now sold out!!!!

November 2018

Phew.....that went quickly! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the new Whirlwind D EP on B-Line Recordings. All the stock at B-Line HQ is now sold out however you can still grab your slice of the action from Suspect Packages, Vinylism and all good stores.....Digital release now on sale via Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and most platforms.. Click the pic for a link to Spotify.....

NEW Whirlwind D VID!!!

November 2018

Check out the new video by Whirlwind D, D'Jar One and Specifik....taken from the 'Beats, Bits And Bobs EP.....

Whirlwind D & The B-Line crew at the Chip Shop, London

November 2018

November the 8th all roads lead to the Chip Shop in London where you can catch Whirlwind D & Specifik as well as Chrome & Illinspired and Carpetface catching wreck......jam's gonna be off the richter....also live DJs and a hip hop discussion panel....

Whirlwind D Slip Mats

October 2018

To celebrate the forthcoming Whirlwind D EP on B-Line Recordings, Mr Tibbz has created a super dope slipmat to play your favourite record on. Limited stocks......


October 2018

The B-Line Crew are back in Germany this weekend playing 4 shows which include a festival, an anti-Nazi rally and hip hop venues. Chrome & Illinspired will be wrecking shop alongside Whirlwind D &'s gonna be BIG!

WHIRLWIND D at Lindesfarne Festival

September 2018

This September, Whirlwind D & Specifik touch down at the Lindesfarne Festival near Newcastle where we will share the stage with Suspekt amongst others. With The Happy Mondays and Levellers headlining this is one not to be missed!

Whirlwind D supporting Ghettosocks & Nilla!

August 2018

This weekend, catch Whirlwind D, Specifik & Mr Fantastic supporting Canada's finest in Boogie Down B Town....


July 2018

Rope A Dope 4 was off the Richter scale...All artists smashed it and Nilla & Ghettosocks were electric! Another packed-out jam with artists new and old inclusing Whirlwind D & Specifik catching wreck!

Cold Krush Pioneers

June 2018

With the news that Whirlwind D has just left Kane FM after nearly 8 years of presenting The Pioneers Hip Hop Show with Miracle (boot Records), comes the news that The Pioneers Show will continue every two weeks as part of Specifik's super dope Cold Krush Radio.....look out for the second show this Wednesday.....history of West Coast hip hop part 2.....

New Whirlwind D feature!

May 2018

Hot off the press, straight outta Switzerland is the latest EP from Pathosworks.....4 slabs of Swiss hip hop with a feature by yours truly.....big shout to my Swiss brothers and sisters!

Cold Krush Radio officially launched!

April 2018

Specifik launches Cold Krush Radio this month live and direct from B-Line HQ. Catch Whirlwind D and Crease in effect on the very first show....

Final Cold Krush at 60 Million Postcards!

March 2018

This month sees the final Cold Krush at 60 Million Postcards before the monthly jam relocates. Catch Whirlwind D, Drome and Specifik droppin' science  on the ones and twos.....

Whirlwind D & Specifk interview!!

February 2018

This week Whirlwind D & Specifk travelled up to London Town to join All City Steve in his legendary Ultracab......just over an hour of hip hop history and a couple of tracks live from the cab!!! Click on the picture to go directly to the interview on youtube....

Rope A Dope 3

January 2018

Rope A Dope 3 is now set for the beginning of March. The line up is incredible with DJ Format, MCM and many others performing alongside the B-Line crew. As usual there will be live graff, B Boying and a record fayre!

New Jersey Hip Hop in this month's Record Collector Magazine

December 2017

Out in all good newsagents, including WH Smiths, is the latest instalment in Whirlwind D's Hip Hop: A Collector's Guide. This month we shine a light on the history of hip hop in New Jersey circa 1979-1997.


November 2017

Coming back even bigger than before is the latest instalment of Rope-A-Dope in Bristol at the Ropewalk. Whirlwind D & Specifik will be performing alongside a host of acts including Krissy Kriss, The Dookie Squad, S.O.E. and Holly Flo Lightly. In addition there will be Graf battles, a record fair and the debut of the B-Line burger!

WHIRLWIND D on the B Boy Documents Show

October 2017

This month Whirlwind D is interviewed on the always fresh B Boy Documents Show. Grab your download now at iTunes and on Soundcloud. Click on the picture to get the iTunes link. Previous interviewees have included Shay D, Q Bert, Phil Most Chill and Phife Dawg to name a few!


September 2017

The brand new Whirlwind D EP has officially hit the streets on vinyl and digitally though the usual avenues (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc). The EP features production from Specifik, Crease and Mr Fantastic and a guest spot from B-Line's own Uncle Mic Nitro. In addition, Miracle, Sir Beans OBE, Tones and Jabbathakut lace the tracks with cuts. Currently selling very fast, grab your copy now while it is still in stock!


September 2017

The brand new Whirlwind D video featuring Uncle Mic Nitro and taken from the forthcoming 'Falling' EP is out now. The track seeks to generate discussion and highlight the issues surrounding male depression and suicide. Click on the image to check it out now!


August 2017

Oh isht!!Having supported super groups such as Public Enemy and The Wu-Tang Clan in the past, Whirlwind D, alongside Specifik, Jabba The Cut and The Doozer will be supporting Main Source in Brighton at the end of the month...BIG!


July 2017

In just over a week you can catch Whirlwind D & Specifik performing alongside a host of artists such as Carpetface, Krissy Kriss , Uncle Mic Nitro and DJ Finger Food. The event runs throughout the weekend, beginning with the Cold Krush on Friday as well as beatbox workshops, live graff and an MC battle...

'From Acorns' ... new feature in Record Collector Magazine

June 2017

In this month's Record Collector Magazine Whirlwind D looks at a selection of records that would mark the debut of bands/artists that would change the face of hip hop in the future...

WHIRLWIND D at The Bridge Hip Hop Festival

May 2017

May sees the all-star line-up that is the Bridge Festival in Newcastle. This incredible weekend event features B Boys, Graff, panel discussions and of course live acts. You can catch Whirlwind D, Specifik and Uncle Mic Nitro performing alongside Blade, Curoc, DJ Supreme, DJ Marga and Juice Aleem to name a few....

B-LINE EP4 - Whirlwind D collab!

April 2017

This month sees the long-awaited return of the B-Line EP series. Whirlwind D collaborates with label mates Chrome & Illinspired to bring 'Pain Killer' which is a sure shot! Also on the EP are B-Line artists Beattrix, Specifik & Project Cee, Jabbathakut, Cosm, Crease and Uncle Mic Nitro as well as El Eye and Junior Disprol to name a few!

Specifik, Whirlwind D & Uncle Mic Nitro in Ramsgate...

March 2017

This March the B-Line crew touch down in Ramsgate, headlining a dope line up at this legendary music venue. Catch Mic Nitro and Whirlwind D dropping classic jams from their LPs as produced by Specifik...

Juice Crew Special in RC Magazine

February 2017

This month Whirlwind D breaks down the history of Queensbridge legends, The Juice Crew All Stars. Along the way he shares the rarest collectibles and sheds light on some of the lesser-known facts associated with the crew...

Whirlwind D & B-Line supporting Strange U

February 2017

February kicks off with an essential jam....Whirlwind D, Cosm, Jabbathakut and Specifik alongside the mighty Jazz T support one of the most forward-thinking, innovative acts out there....Strange U! Tickets £10 on the door....£5 for early birds!

The COLD KRUSH - new monthly event!

January 2017

Catch Whirlwind D, Specifik and Drome at our new regular hip hop/funk/breaks night hosted at Sixty Million Postcards. B-Line Business...


December 2016

This month sees the release of a brand new Whirlwind D video taken from the 'Other Side' LP. The video is animated and features production by Tuf Kut and rhymes from Rola, Heavy Links and Chrome & Illinspired as well as a cameo from head honcho Specific!.


November 2016

This Sunday all roads lead to Bournemouth where you can catch Whirlwind D alongside Drome, Specifik, Jabbathakut and Simon S supporting the legendary DJ Cashmoney straght outa Philly!


November 2016

Catch Whirlwind D & Specifik alongside B-Line label mates Chrome & Illinspired at Holdin' Court this month in London's gonna be raw for sure....

NEW WHIRLWIND D T-SHIRTS from B-Line Recordings...

October 2016

We have a limited amount of Whirlwind D, B-Line Recordings T-Shirts for sale. Sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL. 

WHIRLWIND D feature on the new SPECIFIK LP

October 2016

Fresh new flavour on thee B-Line label is the Specifik LP.... Whirlwind D & Specifik team up again on the mighty track 'Dark' which traces the rise of fascism in modern-day Europe. On scratches is Whirlwind D's Kane FM partner Miracle of the Boot Records crew...

WHIRLWIND D on the ones and twos

September 2016

Next Wednesday you can catch Whirlwind D dropping a selection of old school gems at Smokin' Aces for the Specifik LP launch party.......also on the night B Line DJs Drome and Jabbathakut as well as STN's Tony Da Pencil will be dropping science.....


September 2016

This month sees the return of the legendary B Line Jam. Representing all elements of hip hop culture, this will be an unmissable event! With a record fayre, B Boy battle, MC battle, DJs and live acts this will be a roadblock...see you there!

ANOTHER GERMANY date announced...

August 2016

A second date in Berlin has just been announced.... sooo looking fwd to touching down in Germany. So many heads out there...


July 2016

Hot news.......... Whirlwind D, Specifik & Project Cee will be playing some dates in Germany in October. Along with Killa Instinct and The Dookie Squad, you know this will be hardcore hip hop of the highest calibre! The first night and line up has been anounced.....check the flyer.......

RECORD COLLECTOR MAG....modern rarites

June 2016

This month's Record Collector Magazine has another piece by Whirlwind D. This month D takes a look at a selection of modern rap records from the UK that are all brilliant and highly sought after in today's market. 

LTD Show Disc just released!

June 2016

The lead single from the recent Whirlwind D LP has just been given the limited show disc treartmnet. With 50 copies in total and 30 of these for sale commercially, this highly limited record features 'Avenger Of Death' as well as 'When I Write' (feat. Oxygen) and has been produced for live shows. It features instrumentals and aca pellas as well as the vocal versions.


May 2016

This Saturday Whirlwind D & Specifik took to the stage at the legendary Concorde 2 Club in Brighton. It was an honour to share the stage with hip hop legend Grandmaster Flash! 


April 2016

Catch Whirlwind D & Specifik hanging out with Chris & Brad in the legendary Shed for the HBS Music Archaeology Show. As well as selecting tracks from their respective back catalogues, the B-Line boys are interviewed by Chris Gibbs... 


April 2016

Now that you have your vinyl copy of the latest longplayer from Whirlwind D, you can grab it on digital format at all good digital platforms including Itunes, Spotify, and many more... Click on the picture to get to Itunes...


March 2016

Whirlwind D joined Tuf Kut for his Cratefast Show at the legendary Itch FM in London to talk all things hip hop, history and the new LP! Link coming soon to the audio...

Brand New Whirlwind D video featuring Oxygen

March 2016

 Check ot the latest video by Whirlwind D, taken from his new LP, featuring Oxygen of Soundsci. Big shout to Tempo Media Productions for doing such a great job with the vid!


February 2016

The brand new Whirlwind D LP is about to drop on B-Line Recordings. It features production from Specifik, Mr Fantastic, Spatts and Sir Beans OBE to name a few as well as guest spots from label mates Heavy Links and Chrome & Illinspired and Soundsci MC Oxygen and much much more! With photograhy by Missing Stewart and design by Ricky Also and Mr Tibbz plus dope cuts throughout, this is another essential addition to your Whirlwind D selection. Out now on vinyl and on itunes. spotify, amazon etc in a few weeks time. Buy your copy now direct from the label by clicking on the image


WHIRLWIND on the wheels of steel!

January 2016

On Saturday 23rd January you can catch Whirlwind D selecting some super fly golden age hip hop at Sugar n Spice in Bournemouth at 'Know The Ledge'....also on the wheels that night will be Jabbathakut, Specifik, Drome & Akasha...


ELECTRO feature in Record Collector Magazine

December 2015

Check ou the current issue of Record Collector Magazine in which Whirlwind D runs down a selection of classic hip hop electro cuts from the early 80s...


November 2015

This Friday Whirlwind D, Specifik and Mr Fantastic and some of the other B-Line artists (Chrome & Illinspired, Cosm & Uncle Mic Nitro) are playing alongside Black Twang, Chester P and DJ Supreme of Hijack as well as Spatts and Jerome Hill. It's all happening at The House Of Vans in London...



October 2015

Come and catch B-Line recording artists Specifik, Jabbathakut, Chrome & Illinspired, Drome and myself as well as ahost of other talent wrecking mics and turntables as the witches, ghosts and ghoulies do their thing!


October 2015

BIG BIG news on the street.......Possibly the greatest hip hop band of all time, Public Enemy, hit the Bourneouth 02 on December 7th and guess what....B-Line Recordings have the honour of providing support. Myself, Project Cee, Uncle Mic Nitro, Specifik, Jabbthakut and The Doozer will be dropping science as part of the B-Line Showcase...this is gonna be RAW! Tickets are £27 each and available at 02 website or via B-Line the pic to get your ticket now directly from the label!

Whirlwind D featuring on the brand new Spatts album...

September 2015

The brand new Spatts LP is out now on Spotify (click the picture for a link) and is a super dope slice of flavour. It features Spatt's trademark killer production and a host of dope guest spots from the likes of Uncle Mic Nitro, TCM and Whirlwind D to name a few. The physical release comes out on 30th October.....hold tight....

B-LINE EP 3 out now....

August 2015

The brand new B-Line EP is out now. It is a killer slice of wax from start to finish featuring B-Line artists such as Chrome, Heavy Links, Whirlwind D, Cosm, Jabba Tha Kut & Uncle Mic Nitro as well as tracks by a host of dope acts UK and Stateside...Click on the picture to order your copy direct from the label now....

West Coast Hip Hop (the development of the sound in the early to mid 80s) - Record Collector Magazine

August 2015

The 12th part of Whirlwind D's hip hop collector's guide comes out this week in Record Collector Magazine. D traces the development of the West Coast sound from its inception with artists like Disco Daddy, Ice Tee and the Wreckin' Crew to the mid 80s when the sound changed to that championed by acts such as King Tee and NWA...Available on line and in magazine form from most newsagents including WH Smiths.


July 2015

In just over the week it is the unmissable Klash Of Kings all day festival representing all elements of hip hop culture. Bournemouth's own Outkasts crew will be in effect and Whirlwind D will be sharing the B-Line stage with Uncle Mic Nitro and Kelz plus Sir Beans OBE to name a few!


July 2015

All roads lead to the O2 Academy in Bournemouth on Wednesday 8th July where you can catch Whirlwind D alongside Specifik, Jabbathakut and Cosm providing the support for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan! Tickets available now...word has it that it will be a roadblock! Click on the poster to grab your ticket now!


June 2015

Check out the brand new video on youtube for the current single. BIG props to Cel One aka Missing Stewart for directing and shooting the film. Also a huge thank you to Second To None and The Outkastz crews for featuring!


Also, you can now grab the new single on Itunes, Spotify, Juno and all the usual digital spots. Click on the picture to take you to Itunes...


June 2015

The slammin' new single has just been released. On the a side is 'B-Line Business', an ode to B-Line Recordings and Boogie Down Bournemouth, produced by Specifik with cuts by Jabbthakut, while the flip is a dope remix of Battle Tipped Rhyme (Liberty Grooves, 1992) by DJ Waxer which breathes new life into this classic cut! Click on the picture to order your copy! Sounclips are available here:


May 2015

B-Line Recordings has a new t-shirt design for 2015. They will not be around for long, so if you want one then click on the pic of Whirlwind D wearing one to go to the facebook thread where they are being sold....




April 2015

This Saturday B-Line crews Whirlwind D & Specifik and Chrome & Illinspired take the stage in Guernsey supporting the mighty MOUSE Outfit. The gig is brought you by DJ OneOfAKind as part of the legendary Get Down Jams. Tickets are £25 and selling fast - grab your ticket soon as this will be a HUGE jam!


March 2015

As part of the Vile Style event celebrating the legendary South Coast B Boy crew Second To None and the launch of their film, Whirlwind D will be performing alongside legendary MCs Cel One and Micall Parknsun with an incredible array of DJs including First Down, DJ Biznizz, Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba of Soundsci, Mista Dexter (Brotherhood), Specifik, DJ Random and many more.



February 2015

Big upz to my man Mr Krum for the brand new Whirlwind D logo. You can expecet to see this on future Whirlwind D releases....soon come


January 2015

Tonight the amazing new album by Chrome & Illinspired goes on sale at B-Line HQ. Whirlwind D features on the track 'A Moment Of Your Time Please' alongisde Fat Hop Recordings crew The Dookie Squad. You can buy the LP now by clicking on the picture...


New single out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and most other digital retailers...

January 2015

With less than 50 copies of the beautiful white vinyl 7" single left, you can grab a digital version of the single...


Click on the poster to go straight to iTunes!

New single on B Line Recordings!